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Looking for a program that is both fun and educational?
We have your solution, and it begins with our signature class...

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creativeTHEATRE is a method of teaching theatre that uses the imagination of children as the catalyst to create and perform original theatre/arts productions.  

The usual limitations of other theatrical methods are removed.
We never know what the show will be until the end of the first class!
Since our first class in 1994, we have expanded into the

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programs are tailored to your needs. Whether we do one program a year, or a 2-3 program "season"...

make literary classics, opera, poetry and Shakespeare accessible and interesting for your students.
They don't just read or listen, they
perform and comprehend.

are affordable for your students and their families
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Schedule two programs in one season and students who attend the second session get free keepsake posters like the one below-completely personalized to their production.

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Ready now? Email us and let's discuss how we can help!

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phone: 267-300-8658