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PHASE I: 1st Quarter 2021

GOAL: 1.5 million
Set up first 30 programs

A. Fundraising begins with grassroots efforts, 60% of outreach to young people who KNOW theatre matters. Then grants and larger sponsor search begins.

B. Focus for programs is on elementary and middle schools.

C. Included would be all of our keepsakes-poster annually, and ending with a yearbook
that encompasses the three year term.

D. The first year is creativeTHEATRE, and then we break out into the the other programs
we offer.

This is year one of our five year plan.
In the event that you are a serious donor, we will schedule a meeting to discuss the five year plan with you.

Or be part of our grassroots effort and donate below!
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Click below to call, text, or FaceTime:

Click below to call, text, or FaceTime:

Contact us today, and find out why
"the world is our stage!"

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