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Here is what they are saying about our arts programs:

“This will be Matthew's 11th (!) performance, and he has absolutely loved them all. The classes and the final performances have given him the freedom to be his comedic self and the confidence to be that self in front of other people. I so appreciate Creative Theater because I know that I couldn't find this type of experience for Matthew in any kind of school, and he so thrives on the vibe and the energy of all the kids around him.
It is really amazing.”

Kristin from Montgomery County PA

“Your students did a great job, due to having an EXCELLENT teacher. Thanks so much for sharing your passion in theater with my boys.”

Deb from Coopersburg, PA

“I had the opportunity to visit a production of a Creative Theatre program last night. I spoke with parents in the audience who could not stop telling me how great this program was. One said her children do many extra activities and if she had to pick just one to do that the Creative Theatre would be the one. Also was mentioned that a boy who was so very shy was now belting out his lines like a pro. ‘This program is so good in so many ways’, said another. My point is that I hope you don’t miss this chance of your child experiencing this great program.”

Liz with Hunterdon County Parks and Recreation

I was very impressed at how you handle so many kids.  What's your secret???  I can barely manage 7 six graders!!

Jessica from Clinton, NJ

"Yes, it was a wonderful play!
So much to say...the fun scene with the cast attacking the audience with the lights going on and off, the French-speaking ladies in their parlor, the impressive recitals of Shakespeare. It was a lot of fun to watch. Oh, and the rhythm recital was awesome!!"

Lisa from Bucks County, PA

"...the homeschooler staging I was privileged to watch of Henry V will live on in my mind as a really effective blend of real drama & stagecraft with lighthearted kid-created humor.  Oh my gosh it was fantastic.  I want to thank EVERYONE!"

Jenny from Ottsville, PA

I’ve been meaning to send you a quick note since the day after the Tiny Floating Eyeball Players’ production on 11/13.   The show was absolutely awesome and terrifically enjoyed.  A necessarily evil of my job – and in my role of raising children – is to draw attention to the wrong things that are done.  Over the last few years I’ve been trying to make a point of better calling out the good things I see in both my roles.  And you made my list this year, Joe.  Weeks later and it still brings a big smile to my face thinking of the performance. 

I hope you could tell how much Sam loved it, too.  And the second half with the older kids was equally great.  It’s important for me to recognize how people can find something they are passionate about and turn it into doing something that, I presume, is not only very satisfying to you, but also adds some very good things to kids’ lives and can bring a lot of happiness to a room full of adults.  Job well done and thank you.

Nick from Doylestown PA

The above testimonials (and we have so many more) are indicative of who we are…an organization dedicated to creating an arts experience where the students can shine, and their parents/audience can really enjoy the final product.

Our mission statement says it best:

To demonstrate to the next generation how fun, interesting and non-threatening theatre is through a hands-on improvisatory approach; to make a child's first experience on stage a positive and fun one. This is achieved through the creation of an original show with direct input from all the members of the class. In communities where we are working for an extended period of time, “intermediate” classes will be offered to introduce students to styles of theatre they may not have experienced; including, but not limited to, movement, absurd, spoken word, Shakespeare, etc., with student input always the focus of the process.

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creativeTHEATRE was created and developed by Executive Producer Joe Nowosielski. The pilot program ran summer 1994. Since then it has grown not only geographically, but also in the sheer number of programs. Over the last two decades we have produced over 1400 programs. In 2008 Nowosielski began to develop other theatre programs, while partnering with other artists to develop what has become the creativeARTS.

Nowosielski began acting in 1986, and after doing regional and children's theatre for 5 years, he began producing children's theatre at the Riverfront Dinner Theatre in Philadelphia. He was asked if his group did classes for children that would travel to different sites, and from that conversation
creativeTHEATRE was born.

Our teaching staff is drawn from our network of actors/directors/writers, etc. Each has gone through our extensive training program, making sure that all students receive the same quality program year after year.

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phone/text: 267-300-8658